How to make moving home fun for children

How to make moving home fun for children

Children often feel anxious when they are told that they are going to be moving home. They are concerned about whether they will like their new home, whether they will be able to see their friends, and whether they will have to change schools.

Like all of us, they simply need to be able to talk through their worries and get some answers to their questions. Taking time to sit down with them and listen to their worries and opinions is the best way to help.

Chatting in the car can be one of the best places for these sorts of chats, especially with teens.

Giving your children some autonomy over decisions such as the colour you are going to paint their new bedrooms and the furniture they would like to put in them can help to give them a sense of control. This can help alleviate the anxiety they may be feeling about moving somewhere new.

Taking your children on a viewing to see their new home can be very helpful. It gives them the impression that they helped choose which property they will live in and allows them to visualise where they will be moving to.

However, if at all possible, avoid taking them on the first viewings. This allows you to concentrate on looking at the properties and avoids the possibility of your child falling in love with a house while you do not!

Once you have had an offer accepted on a property, it can be a lovely idea to take your children on a tour of the local area. That way you can all find out where all the local parks are, where a nice cafe is, and if there are any exciting activities nearby. This will help turn a worrying experience into an exciting one, as they already know where some things are, so moving home doesn’t feel so daunting.

Make sure on moving day that you pack their most important belongings into a bag that they can keep with them. That way even when the moving truck is unloaded at the new house and they are surrounded by boxes they will still be able to cuddle and play with their favourite toys without having to worry about which box they are in.

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