A refreshing & invigorating approach to lettings

We fully understand that one lettings service will not fit the needs of every landlord. Why would it? You’re all totally unique!

That's why we tailor our lettings packages to suit your needs. From viewings and marketing materials through to safety checks and repairs.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced landlord with a growing portfolio, you can trust us to take care of all your requirements.

  • Diverse property portfolios
  • Individual rental investments
  • Apartments
  • Family homes

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Online Only Service

£180 Marketing Fee

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Let Only Service

£600 Marketing Fee

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Rent Collection Service

£300 marketing fee & 7.2% of monthly management fee

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Fully Managed Service

£300 Marketing Fee and 15% Monthly Management Fee

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Withdrawal Fees

Subject to terms & conditions of contractual agreement

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Insurance Services

Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection insurance

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Transparent & competitive fees

If you fancy a slice of Lime, we promise to serve up a top-quality service that’s carried out by experienced professionals.

Fully accredited by ARLA and the Property Ombudsman, we are 100% compliant with all industry standards.

We’re also transparent about our fees (which are very competitive), so you know exactly where you stand before we get down to business.

Keeping you & your property safe

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