Hull’s Growing Appeal for Property Investment

Hull’s Growing Appeal for Property Investment

Hull's reputation as a prime location for property investment continues to rise in 2024. Known as Yorkshire's only waterfront city, Hull is witnessing significant regeneration, making it increasingly attractive for investors. Here's a look at Hull's development opportunities, current property prices, key postcodes, and future predictions up to 2027.

Hull's top postcodes offer higher-than-average rental yields:
HU2: Highest average rental yield at 10.8%, with an average house price of £102,153. Ideal for renting to working professionals.
HU6: Average rental yield of 6.88% and a property price of £147,287. Perfect for student rentals and HMOs.
HU1: Central location with an 8.37% rental yield and an average property price of £118,034. Rich in commercial and cultural opportunities.
HU5: Popular due to excellent location and amenities, though careful research is needed within specific streets.

Hull's development is driving property prices up. Since 2012, average property prices have risen by 55.2%. By 2027, prices are expected to increase by 11.7%, nearly double the UK's expected 6.2% increase. This makes Hull a strong candidate for long-term investment returns. Hull is a prime location for property investment, with continuous regeneration, fair property prices, high rental yields, and a positive future outlook.

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