What Will Happen to Stamp Duty After the 2024 General Election?

What Will Happen to Stamp Duty After the 2024 General Election?

As the 2024 General Election approaches, potential changes to stamp duty are on the minds of many homebuyers and property investors. Here's what you need to know about the current stamp duty landscape and what might change after the election.

Current Stamp Duty Rules

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) applies to property purchases in England and Northern Ireland. The current rates vary based on property value and whether the buyer is a first-time buyer, moving home, or purchasing an additional property. The thresholds and rates are as follows:

  • Up to £250,000: 0%
  • £250,001 to £925,000: 5%
  • £925,001 to £1.5 million: 10%
  • Over £1.5 million: 12%

First-time buyers benefit from relief on properties up to £425,000.

Potential Changes Post-Election

While specific proposals from political parties are yet to be fully detailed, here are some potential changes that could be on the table:

Reduction or Abolition

Some parties might propose reducing or even abolishing stamp duty to stimulate the housing market. This could make moving more affordable and increase market activity.

First-Time Buyer Relief

Enhancing relief for first-time buyers is another possibility. This could mean raising the price threshold for relief or increasing the percentage of the property value that is exempt from stamp duty.

Higher Rates for Luxury Properties

To address housing inequality, there might be proposals to increase stamp duty rates on higher-value properties. This could mean higher taxes on homes over £1.5 million, affecting luxury property buyers the most.

Regional Variations

There could also be discussions about introducing regional stamp duty rates, adjusting the tax based on local property market conditions to better reflect regional economic disparities.

What Should Homebuyers Do?

For those looking to buy property, it’s wise to stay informed about potential changes and consider the timing of your purchase. Consulting with a financial advisor or property expert can help you navigate these uncertainties and make informed decisions.

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